Choosing a Mobile App Market Research Platform

Looking for a best mobile app market research platform to help your business? In this guide, we will cover: Why are mobile app market research platforms used? Comparison of different platforms More resources on app research platforms Why are mobile app market research platforms used? Let’s start with a small story: assume you are in […]

How to build a data-driven marketing strategy

Building a marketing strategy is like building a nation with proper frameworks that can be scalable and also sustainable. So cracking that is not going to be easy. Finding new ideas and experimenting assumptions is part of a digital marketer job. The inspiration of this write up comes from a recent I event attended from […]

Choosing a website conversion rate optimization tool – 2019

Why do you need website optimization tool? Optimisation and experimenting in website is not a must to do activity but it is recommended to have ALWAYS ON approach for any UX/UI person to improve the browsing behaviour experience according to user behaviour. Ongoing website optimization /experimentation also helps to increase the conversion rate from one activity to another […]

Data Automation – Why it is important? Different Processes & Tools

Why is data automation important? If you see the above stats, every 60 secs, 1.8TB of data is created! All this data goes through different stages of data automation: Data collection(includes tracking setup), data storing, data analysis, data transformation, and data visualization. When company/professionals speak about big data, personalization, algorithms, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, etc. […]

How to choose marketing automation platform?

Why do you need Marketing Automation platform? Before 5-10 years, There weren’t any widely used marketing automation platforms. The way email marketing worked is you uploaded a bunch of email list to your email marketing system and send a bulk message to all users every time you need manually. Whether you are on holiday or medical leave, […]

Building a Marketing Technology Stack 2019

Marketing technology stack framework

Marketing technology stack or otherwise called Martech Stack is a new term in the last few years in Marketing and technology space. The biggest budget in business are moving from traditional technologies to specific marketing technology as an investment in marketing, could have a direct impact on the business. And also the high expectation from […]

Open source Government Softwares for your digital transformation initiatives

One of the biggest factor which could be a bottleneck or could stop us moving forward with digital transformation initiatives is expenditure. Especially when the government start doing digitilization, mostly big consulting companies and vendors approached are always come back with high cost proposal which includes the software cost as well. However not all governments […]

Government Digital transformation: Taking Inspiration from Norway Tourism Strategy

A strategy for governments: how to empower tourism economy via digital transformation

Why a digital transformation is important if you are really betting on Travel/Tourism as a major sector in your economy?¬† Before 15years ago, when the common people want to travel to foreign countries mostly it’s for job and business, now more than 50% of people who wants travel outside of their country is for tourism. […]

Improving Education in Rural Areas via New Digital Technologies – Digital Library

Digital Library in Rural Areas

Should we build a DIGITAL LIBRARY in your village/town? Is it possible with almost zero cost and no internet? Just background why this is important before going on with the details. WHY Digital¬†Library? While am traveling in central Asia, I used to stay in a lot of homestays and also able to meet students/youngsters from […]