Advertising Tools for Digital Marketing/Marketers

In recent years, advertising management tools makes the marketers jobs easier by automating lot of manual stuff and provide a scaling option with minimal work. There are small and large advertising managements available in the market recently.

Facebook – Advertising tool

– Bulk Changes(Audience, Creative, Placement)

– Easy Duplicates of Campaigns and Ads

– Bulk Uploads using Excel Template

– Adding Labels to Campaigns to Classify the campaigns

– Premium Attributes to ads like Placement and Bidding

– Use Saved Audiences to create reusable audience for future audience,

– Use Audiences to upload your email database or Phone numbers of your existing customers

– Use Unpublished Posts from the Editor

– For Premium ads like Mobile App installs, Open Graph sponsored stories

Google Ads Editor – Advertising Tool

–  Bulk Changes

– Work Offline

– Copying and modifying large number of Selected sections

Bing Editor – Advertising Tool

– User Interface (Clean)

– Copy to CSV

– Can save time by using previously designed campaigns/ad groups

– You can control quality by using pre-optimized campaign settings

– You can conduct more experiments by using duplicated ad groups with slight changes

– IMPORT and EXPORT only transfer data between online advertising accounts/custom files and Bing Ads Editor’s local database in your PC

Smartly – Facebook Advertising Automation Tool


How Can Help You?

A simple, yet powerful tool for automating Facebook & Instagram advertising


Eliminate manual tasks, launch and clone ads quickly, and streamline your campaign management workflow.


Get the most out of your ad budget with our Predictive Budget Allocation, optimization triggers and A/B testing tools.


Scale your ad creation using product feeds and tools like our Dynamic Image Templates. We support all major feed types out-of-the-box and offer advanced tools to map any kind of feed. Retarget these ads based on website visitors’ behavior.


Grow your customer base by prospecting with our Automated Ads. Reach new people and show them the products that they’re most likely to buy, or automatically promote well-performing organic page posts to a larger audience.

Other include

  1. Nanigans
  2. Adespresso
  3. Criteo
  4. Adroll,
  5. Linkedin Marketing (web interface)
  6. Twitter ad management(web interface)
  7. Marin Software
  8. MedaiMath
  9. 4c
  10. Facebook for business(Management),
  11. Mailchimp inbuilt ads manager,
  12. Hubspot inbuild ads manager
  14. Anything am missing?