8 Alternatives to Intercom with Simple AI BOT Builder

Looking for alternative and similar to Intercom? What if I show you a simple intuitive builder with affordable cost?

Here you can find all the tools which are alternative to Intercom Chatbot. Whether you want simple live chat or self serve bots, here you can find the list. Depends on the company size and feature requirement you can select one below. If you are purely looking for self serve custom bots, then give a try to Landbot, it’s modular and component based, so you can customise bots easily.

The general live chat solutions

This below list of tools are NOT highly focused on the automation of bots or building a AI powered bots. Rather they can focus on company-wide support system. They are developed from the traditional mindset of Ticket based system. And their strength is integrating with rest of their own tools and other technology solutions. For example: Hubspot or fresh messaging integrates with hundreds of marketing and analytical tools. if your integration is not your main criteria, then go ahead with bots like landbot.

ToolsLearning Curve for TeamAutomationCross Channel Capilities(SMS)
FW MessagingMediumMany

Personal Experience on what to look for

We use freshworks messaging for tradly.app, overall the experience we would rate 7 out of 10. I will explain what I like and What I thing is missing

What I like is

  • FW messaging does all the basic live chat features you would expect (reply, User info, etc)
  • The FREE package is a good start for you to use the live chat feature.

What’s missing?

  • INITIATE A CHAT : When we use Tawk, I can initiate a chat when user is browsing the website before even the visitor is clicking the chat. This gives me chance to open conversation and close deals. A big miss. I do know that there is CHAT BOT which can initiate a chat snippet for every user but TAWK is best because you can browse through every information about a user before deciding whom to initiate the chat.
  • SYNC TIME between CRM and CHAT: The time taken to get the contact email address sync with CHAT window is about 24 hours. So it’s a silo communication when a user has signup before 5 minutes and raising questions in the chat but their email address is not merged yet. There was one time one chat user complained that the chat solution we are using is not doing the job properly.
  • USER INFO: Again there are few tools which clearly provide whichever the pages the user have visited