How to extract data from Facebook & Instagram (FB, IG) ads into Google Sheet and Excel

Before 2years back, we wrote a detailed guideline on how to extract data from Facebook not just in google sheet and excel but also in different marketing Datawarehouse like Bigquery, etc.

Let’s go inside into a updated and straight forward option using a single and simple google sheet and excel plugin called Supermetrics : (Website Link)

Steps we will go through in this process

  1. Things to know before setting up this in your sheet
  2. Installing and setting up Supermetrics in sheet
  3. Installing and setting up Supermetrics in Microsoft excel
  4. Few examples how you can use supermetrics with Google sheets

Things to know before setting up this in your sheet

  • This reporting automation heavily suitable for marketing agencies who have multiple clients (thus multiple facebook accounts)
  • It also suitable for companies who have data from multiple channels (FB, google, Twitter, Linkedin, DoubleClick (currently renamed as google 360), Criteo, App networks, etc)
  • It might not be suitable for someone who has ONE ad account and spending less than 10K. Because it is a paid tool and it is better you identify some raw model using google scripts to download data into Google sheet and Facebook native Excel plugin to download
  • If you or your team is not serious about getting the data every day and not using for monitoring. Because you can just setup a report in Facebook, download and paste in a googlesheet/excel tab named as RAW and have another TAB as REPORT and use formulas.

Installing and setting up Supermetrics in Google sheet

Lets go through the steps to install Supermetrics

  1. Go to Addons > Get Add ons > Search for supermetricsSnip20200619_9
  2.  When you click install > It will ask you whether you want to install domain level or One sheet level (Because Domain level will be applicable for all users who are corporate Google Apps business users). (Better to do from Sheet level everytime. Otherwise i THINK multiple email users will start using supermetrics and it may charge, do double check)
  3. Then Click continue and do email authorisation Snip20200619_11
  4. You should be able to get this add on like below screen and LAUNCH itSnip20200619_12
  5. You will find all the list of connectors (mostly marketing tool connectors). For this exercise, we will be taking Facebooks ads as exampleSupermetrics connectors
  6. You have 5 components to fill based on the needs.Snip20200619_16
    1. The Data source you want to use
    2. Ad accounts selection (When I used to handle one who client which are present in multiple countries, We have different ad accounts. This is for billing, currency, timezonee, etc reasons. So I just put all those accounts together
    3. Dates: A straight forward thing (The timezone are ad account timezone. Supermetrics or Google sheet doesn’t control that. But for Date format, remember to use same in Gsheet as FB ad account) . Recommend to select just 7days on the first fetch until you finish setting up the report(so it’s faster to push)
    4. Metrics are the numbers (like your results, conversions, etc). You can get 7day or 28days based attribution . And also custom conversions as well but it will comes in ROW instead of column for you to differentiate. Most of the custom conversions you create will be under the ROWS, so select all conversions on the initial stage and get the results. Then identify what is needed and what’s not needed. Avoid doing one by one. Supermetrics available metrics
    5. Then select the dimensions you want. There is 100+ dimensions which facebook provide and especially if you have good analyst team and significant ads spent, you can do lot of interesting analysis. Supermetrics Dimension
  7. Click GET DATA to TABLE . Watch this quick video below

Few examples how you can use supermetrics with Google sheets

There are few ways I used + Other inspirations below

  1. Budget Monitoring (By country (I removed the actual numbers) Snip20200619_19
  2. Cohort Analysis – 10 Type of analysis. Refer from there.
  3. Creative performance monitoring (which I sync with designers as well for them to monitor the performance) Creative Monitoring facebook
  4. And other ad hoc like Page abandonment data and Content marketing stats.


Hope this informations are helpful. If you want to ask more about other tools or need some help, you can ping me on Linkedin or mail me “j k baseer at” without any space.