How to import data from AHREF SEO ads into Google Sheet, DataStudio and Excel?

Do you want the data imported from Ahref to Google Sheet or Datastudio? And also automate this data transfer daily or hourly? Let me share few options based on different scenario.

Let’s go inside into a updated and straight forward option using a single and simple google sheet and excel plugin called Supermetrics : (Website Link)

Two Parts:

  1. Using Supermetrics
  2. or Exploring variety of options to suit your stack

Steps we will go through in this process

  1. Things to know before setting up this in your sheet
  2. Installing and setting up Supermetrics in sheet
  3. Installing and setting up Supermetrics in Microsoft excel
  4. Few examples how you can use supermetrics with Google sheets

Installing and setting up Supermetrics in Google sheet

Lets go through the steps to install Supermetrics

  1. Go to Addons > Get Add ons > Search for supermetricsSnip20200619_9
  2.  When you click install > It will ask you whether you want to install domain level or One sheet level (Because Domain level will be applicable for all users who are corporate Google Apps business users). (Better to do from Sheet level everytime. Otherwise i THINK multiple email users will start using supermetrics and it may charge, do double check)
  3. Then Click continue and do email authorisationSnip20200619_11
  4. You should be able to get this add on like below screen and LAUNCH itSnip20200619_12
  5. You will find all the list of connectors (mostly marketing tool connectors). For this exercise, we will be taking Facebooks ads as example