8 Alternatives to Drift with Simple AI BOT Builder

Looking for alternative and similar to Drift? What if I show you a simple intuitive builder with affordable cost? Here you can find all the tools which are alternative to Drift Chatbot. Whether you want simple live chat or self serve bots, here you can find the list. Depends on the company size and feature requirement you can select one below. If you are purely looking for self serve custom bots, then give a try to Landbot, it’s modular and componentised, so you can customise bots easily.

The general live chat solutions

This below list of tools are NOT highly focused on the automation of bots or building a AI powered bots. Rather they can focus on company wide support system. They are brought from the traditional mindset of Ticket based system. And their strength is integrating with rest of their own tools and additional tools. For example: Hubspot or freshmessaging integrates with hundreds of marketing and analytical tools.

ToolsLearning Curve for TeamAutomationCross Channel Capilities
FW Messaging