Difference between javascript, jscript, jquery, ajax, json and xml

I spend the 4 hrs 30 minutes to clear my confusions. I have lot of doubts about Scripting and programming language. I often understand the difference between them using stackoverflow.com Q/A also using wikipedia for the clear cut. Acknowledging that

Choosing a website conversion rate optimization tool – 2019

Why do you need website optimization tool? Optimisation and experimenting in website is not a must to do activity but it is recommended to have ALWAYS ON approach for any UX/UI person to improve the browsing behaviour experience according to user behaviour.

9 tools to automate your Facebook ad account data into Bigquery, Tableau, Google Sheets and data studio

Before few years, it is about how we can manually export the data from Facebook ads manager and paste in Excel or Google sheet for reporting and analysis. Now there are multiple tools and approaches to automate this facebook ad transferespecially

Data Automation – Why it is important? Different Processes & Tools

Why is data automation important? If you see the above stats, every 60 secs, 1.8TB of data is created! All this data goes through different stages of data automation: Data collection(includes tracking setup), data storing, data analysis, data transformation, and