7 affordable / free Alternatives to Supermetrics

Looking for an alternative to Supermetrics? Is Supermetrics costly to run your marketing operations or the query become slow for large data sets? Here am presenting you other options. I am going to split the alternatives by affordability, free and open source

Things to remember

Nobody is that great to give us a free and super cheap alternative. There is a tradeoff we going to have whichever the cheapest tool we purchase. The trade off are like

  • Data sources: Players who are costly have 100+ sources and 5+ destinations. I get it you don’t need 100+ sources, okay then the freelancer friendly suggestions below are okay
  • Data sampling: some will not allow you to control the data before it’s reaching the destination. For example, windsor.ai can help me to blend the data before i stream it into my BI tool which allows me to skip google sheets in between where I manually used to transform data like with Supermetrics
  • Destination Type: Some are pure data warehouse usage. For example when you think of Stitchdata or hevo they are great for data dumbing and transfer. Like large chunk of data. As they do heavy lifting job, their cost are mostly on amount of data transfer (like rows, events)
  • Use cases: Apart from Datawarehouse, there are similar players competing for just EXCEL/Google Sheet. or Visualisation on DataStudio, Tableau.

Affordable and suitable for one or less than 5 army

Freelancers friendly pricing are (all that cost less than $100)

  • Windsor (best for marketing and visualisation use cases, they provide multi touch attribution on top of data transfer)
  • Portermetrics (New player in the segment but worth testing out)
  • Datalayer ( Spanish language supported and looks cheaper) Suitable for indie developers and creators. They have 5+ connectors mostly suitable for small and single run business)
  • ReportGarden
  • Stitchdata (one of my favourite)

Open source but you need Python language

  • Singer.io

Heavy weight similar players but costly. And too much engineering

  • Funnel.io
  • Segment