How to Start a Career in Growth Marketing?

Career in Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing

This guide is one of the extensive piece I have wrote taking few weeks to help out mid career professionals and students. I started with clarification of Growth Marketing vs Digital Marketing vs Analytics vs Data Engineering vs Data Science. Then went on explaining taking a different route in marketing. Finally finishing with resources and […]

10+ Examples on how to use cohort Analysis + template

How to Build Cohort Analysis in Excel and Google Sheet

There are so many guides out there explaining about cohort analytics in a very intuitive way. They clearly explained the concept of analysis and examples with generic stories. I owe some of my colleague explaining with the real story of how I used in different use cases in different companies. Why cohort analysis is important? […]

Building a Marketing Technology Stack 2019

Marketing technology stack framework

Marketing technology stack or otherwise called Martech Stack is a new term in the last few years in Marketing and technology space. The biggest budget in business are moving from traditional technologies to specific marketing technology as an investment in marketing, could have a direct impact on the business. And also the high expectation from […]

Government Digital transformation: Taking Inspiration from Norway Tourism Strategy

A strategy for governments: how to empower tourism economy via digital transformation

Why a digital transformation is important if you are really betting on Travel/Tourism as a major sector in your economy?  Before 15years ago, when the common people want to travel to foreign countries mostly it’s for job and business, now more than 50% of people who wants travel outside of their country is for tourism. […]

Top Recruitment Agencies which focus on Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Technology Role

The purpose of sharing the contacts here in this is meant to help you but not use for spamming. so use it wisely. Name Linkedin Email Field focused on Company Comments Country Clovie Guess she moved to Thomson Reuters, you can still contact her singapore Kevin singapore Daniel Vale singapore Azizul Ariffin […]

What is Ecosystem Marketing?

“You integrate your product/services into a existing ecosystem or create new ecosystem which helps organic growth and stickiness of the product. “ Is it that simple? It’s not. Why is it important? Multiple reasons but let me the brief things here It helps the stickiness of a user into a same ecosystem for Long time. For […]

Building a Marketing Data Warehouse – Why, How, When and What?

Building a marketing data warehouse is not a simple project to do but if it’s done properly, there is a numerous business outcome.  We will go through 3 things. Why we need marketing data warehouse and what’s so important? How should we build marketing data warehouse and different approaches ? What are the tools/skills needed […]

How to Prioritize Strategies, Tasks, Projects in your Marketing team

How to Prioritize? This is a unclear question from many. Through the experience, I have clearly learned that the long list, detailed task planning at the start of the year(or month or day) doesn’t seem to be helping. I fall in love with 4 Quadrant matrix, that clears out every doubt and clarify my confusion. […]

On 1904, this strategy leads to acquiring 1,800,000 people


For the first time, I heard about the loss leader strategy in 2014. When I first heard when my colleagues were saying I thought it’s just as a fake attempt to manipulate the sales. But slowly after going through different experiments and observing what’s happening in the current industry trends, it is okay to follow […]

15+ Looking for Digital marketing agencies? WHY HOW WHEN WHO

Looking for a digital Marketing Agencies or consultants to grow your business? If you are clear on what exactly you want from the agencies, it’s going to be straightforward. If not, I am sharing my checklist which I will include in my review agenda when am in your situation.  I have worked with International agencies […]

20+ Cool ETL Tools and Data Automation for Marketers and Data Nerds

Life is awesome when there are ready made ETL/ELT, Data Automation tools 🙂 Whether it is bulk dumping data transfer, or scheme based fetch jobs or even task based automation like zapier. Everything saves significant time in our life hahaha. Here is the list of all the tools I have collected so far. Am sure […]