7 Tools to Automatically Export Shopify into Google Sheets

You might want to connect Shopify to Google sheets for import, export, sync, schedule and automate for different business needs. Sharing here the list of tools that you can help you to achieve this automation. There are 3 different approaches to automate Shopify into Google sheet. Hence, the tools would be fundamentally different for each approach.

  1. Event based data automation: A record is created in Google Sheet when there is a Shopify order or Customer. This is just a single record based update. Mostly people will use zapier.
  2. Bulk refreshment of all data from Shopify. This data operation can run on daily or weekly as per your schedule. What it does is bulk download of data from Shopify to Google Sheet. Business users or Marketers would want something like this. Simple tools like Supermetrics is a great fit.
  3. Warehouse Data automation (ETL) tools for building marketing data warehouses. Simple operations involving thousands and millions of records to be imported, exported, parsed, cleansed, etc. This scenario is mostly used by Data engineers and Developers.

Simple works on shopify to google sheets 

  • Order level data importing
  • Bulk import of products, make edits of the product in google sheet and then sync to Shopify 

Intermediate level of work

  • Import data from Shopify store to Google sheet, 
    • create custom calculation on google sheet
    • Creating dashboards on Google sheet
    • Merging different data in Google sheet, etc

Bulk refreshment Tools for Shopify to Google Sheet

Events based alerts from Shopify to Google Sheet

Data Warehouses Tools for Shopify to Google Sheet