How to Prioritize Strategies, Tasks, Projects in your Marketing team

How to Prioritize? This is a unclear question from many. Through the experience, I have clearly learned that the long list, detailed task planning at the start of the year(or month or day) doesn’t seem to be helping. I fall in love with 4 Quadrant matrix, that clears out every doubt and clarify my confusion. So I started to use this from personal planning to profession as well. And my team embraced this as well.

How to Prioritize Marketing tasks, projects, ideas

This is how we planned our yearly priorities this year(The rough list). While I going through that list yesterday with team felt it’s working and making an impact. 

We combined 2 things into one. 

  1. Scrum Poker Cards (from agile practices)
  2. 4Quadrant Matrix (also used in BCG , Growth Share Matrix) 

4Quadrant Matrix has been heavily useful in from personal to professional for me on last few years. Every time the confusion or hard to decide, this helps to prioritise with 4 variables. 

Second Scrum Poker Cards, learned this from my last company which helps taking decisions with Good team effort instead of taking decisions silo. 

We listed all the priorities on what we wanted to do for this one year. Two columns which every team member need to input, (A. Low-High Impact,  B. Low to High Effort) 

Based on Poker Cards, in each sheet tab different people put their points for A & B. Then we run through each and consolidated each. 

At the end of the exercise, we are able to sort High Impact with secondary priority with the effort < Clearly gives an idea on where we should

Here is the marketing priorities planning template link