How to Prioritize Strategies, Tasks, Projects in your Marketing team

How to Prioritize? This is a unclear question from many. Through the experience, I have clearly learned that the long list, detailed task planning at the start of the year(or month or day) doesn’t seem to be helping. I fall

A simple targeting strategy that brought 58k leads at less than $5 – Facebook Ad Campaign

Last night, I stumbled upon our old Facebook ad account. I kept looking at for a while with a surprise that we seem to have done a better job of managing that client account.  It’s a property industry. If the

20+ Cool ETL Tools and Data Automation for Marketers and Data Nerds

Life is awesome when there are ready made ETL/ELT, Data Automation tools 🙂 Whether it is bulk dumping data transfer, or scheme based fetch jobs or even task based automation like zapier. Everything saves significant time in our life hahaha.