How to Prioritize Strategies, Tasks, Projects in your Marketing team

How to Prioritize? This is a unclear question from many. Through the experience, I have clearly learned that the long list, detailed task planning at the start of the year(or month or day) doesn’t seem to be helping. I fall

A simple targeting strategy that brought 58k leads at less than $5 – Facebook Ad Campaign

Last night, I stumbled upon our old Facebook ad account. I kept looking at for a while with a surprise that we seem to have done a better job of managing that client account.  It’s a property industry. If the

What’s Google Connected Sheet? Supermetrics for BigQuery users?

Google Connected sheet is a new type of spreadsheet that activates a special mode in your Google Sheet. This special connection overrides most of the limitation you have in normal Google sheet(like 10K rows). This is really an important feature

How to use Segmentation & Targeting to develop digital marketing strategies?

In the Data Driven Digital Era, Segmentation and Targeting in digital is important. It’s also an important pillar for planning out the marketing strategy. Targeting strategies is the first foremost activities to be done in digital marketing strategies. To make