Advertising Tools for Digital Marketing/Marketers

In recent years, advertising management tools makes the marketers jobs easier by automating lot of manual stuff and provide a scaling option with minimal work. There are small and large advertising managements available in the market recently. Facebook – Advertising tool – Bulk Changes(Audience, Creative, Placement) – Easy Duplicates of Campaigns and Ads – Bulk […]

Facebook advertising techniques for E-Commerce, Mobile and Startups

Are you exploring the new facebook ad techniques/recommendation to improve your facebook advertising ROI? I have compiled a list of techniques that can help your E-commerce / Mobile startups. I am using amazon as an example to explain it easily the campaign structure. I assume that you have been Advertising experience in facebook for minimum […]

Why AI is important for marketing? and my journey

Isn’t it good to think about our career path once in few months? Trying to implement what the life has taught being proactive or say anticipate what is going to come in next 5–10Years. I may be overconfident that I can sustain my career with just digital marketing but it’s not going to bring exponential […]

The best 10 Digital Marketing Agencies In Malaysia

Once on 2014, I was doing deep research on digital marketing agencies and consultancy while i was preparing a competitor analysis report for my x-employer. It’s been 5years, now am in a time to do this again. Am going to copy and post the initial post from my very old blog and update those information […]

How to build a data-driven marketing strategy

Building a marketing strategy is like building a nation with proper frameworks that can be scalable and also sustainable. So cracking that is not going to be easy. Finding new ideas and experimenting assumptions is part of a digital marketer job. The inspiration of this write up comes from a recent I event attended from […]