The best 10 Digital Marketing Agencies In Malaysia

Once on 2014, I was doing deep research on digital marketing agencies and consultancy while i was preparing a competitor analysis report for my x-employer. It’s been 5years, now am in a time to do this again. Am going to copy and post the initial post from my very old blog and update those information with current updated information.

Article Status as of 7th Feb,2019: On research

PLEASE NOTE:  The list is not by means of any analysis or ranking of any qualities. we are listing as a suggestion to help others.

This list is solely based on my own observations .

let’s start 🙂

So you want a Social Media Agency to handle your Marketing, PR and Advertising to contribute to your business development?

Before selecting a Social Media Agency, Understand about yourself!
Why you want a social Media Company ? why not your in house Marketing team?

Whats your objective? 
Do you want to increase your sales ?
You want to jump in Social Media as your competitor are doing that?
You want to increase your business reach to local audience for business exposure?
Is your company a startup need of testing your market with low risk?
You want to build a meaningful connection with your customers for long term?
You like to differentiate your business from others?

So from this basic overview, you can understand which agency suits your need according to its services offering, their beliefs, their knowledge, Client Basis and its expertise.

Orangutan Solutions
Alt communications



  • 10years of Industry Experience
  • Vast Services from Branding to Promotion
  • Professionality and Reputed Agency


  • CHOOSE THIS (if you are Fortune500 company) because their client base shows their experience
  • They are knowledgeable (Analytics, Research, Strategy, Creative, Content)
  • Strength of their Team
  • Link:


  • They believed in Social Media(Facebook regular updates, Pinterest pins, Blog and Google Page)
  • They are updated (Regular Homepage slide change according to season, Updates on what happening on Social Media). Really their facebook page look cool
  • Different services. So they might have good understanding and can optimize your business seamlessly on all networks ( Mobile Marketing, SEO & Social Media )
  • Link:


  • Creative, You can see that from their home page
  • Good number of Clients (From website development to Facebook advertising)
  • Energetic youngsters from KL, they think Different
  • Link:


  • Expertise in Custom Campaigns (Contest, Promotion)
  • Experience in Social Media (Clients include P&G, Volvo, Loreal, adidas, watson)
  • They believe in Social Media thats why they have proper blog but no facebook Updates
  • Link:


  • From here, you can find list of advertising agency available. Its like a business directory