Top 12 Hevo Data Alternatives & Competitors in 2023 – Open source – Similar Tools – Free Options

Looking for an alternative to Hevo Data for automated data pipeline or for simple marketing reporting data automation? This below could be worth considering. Whether you want simple tools like zapier automation or bulk data ETL pipeline, here you can find. If you are a marketer, the best Hevo alternative with affordable pricing is Supermetrics. It’s super straightforward to use, no learning curve.

Supermetrics has destination agnostic connector which your marketing and engineering team love. Marketing team can use connectors such as Excel, Google Sheet or Google Data Studio. And your engineering team can use Bigquery, Azure Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Azure Storage, Amazon S3 and API extractor as well.

3 Reasons why I love

  • it’s easy for me as a marketing lead to share with my team. just because it’s simple to use, my other team members will buy in to the tool easily. So we don’t waste money for paying to the tool
  • Different team environment varies. For a marketing reporting tool, we don’t need a complex data pipeline. The easy interface on Google Sheet helps me to run any custom reports without even going to any marketing tools
  • Saves cost. similarly for an advanced data pipeline, it serves it. So I don’t need to fight with my engineering team. Sometimes they have a say on what tool we are subscribing. So buying a single tool for all purposes. Of course the cost may vary depends on the destination you choose.

If you are looking for below 3 features, then supermetrics might be suitable

  • Multiple ad accounts pulling into same sheet (I pull 7 facebook ad accounts into one google sheet, similarly 7 accounts under a MCC Google). Then i monitor the performance and optimise the campaigns and budget
  • Use cases like (currency conversion, filters on any dimension before the data pulled in, etc)
  • Scheduling automation triggers, so your marketing dashboard ready.

Alternatives now to Hevo Data

  1. Supermetrics
  3. Stitchdata
  4. Integromat
  5. Reportgarden
  6. Funnel
  7. Xplenty
  8. Owox BI
  9. OpenBridge
  10. Automate IO
  11. TapClicks
  12. Skyvia

One line review

  • Supermetrics – Explained
  • Singer (open source, Python first, multiple data connectors. There will be a learning curve. but python engineers will do it faster)
  • Stitchdata (Again a super simple product, no learning curve. )
  • Integromat ( This is like zapier automation. It’s okay for event based data automation. Perfect example is facebook leads form into google sheet or Excel)
  • Reportgarden ( Good for marketers, and seo first reports. Not an advanced tool. But good enough for small team and few ad accounts.

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