What’s Google Connected Sheet? Supermetrics for BigQuery users?

Google Connected sheet is a new type of spreadsheet that activates a special mode in your Google Sheet. This special connection overrides most of the limitation you have in normal Google sheet(like 10K rows). This is really an important feature for Analyst and Marketers who want to analyze bulk data sets in billion of rows.
And particularly the important feature is to connect Bigquery with this Connected Sheet. Imagine without SQL Queries you can now cleanse multiple data with Google Sheet(aka Excel) formulas?

It’s going to be super easy for people like me because instead of getting the hand dirty at SQL queries in the database, it is much easier to use Formula (just saying for being lazy 😁 )

Connected sheets provides a new integration between Sheets and BigQuery that is designed to make analysis on data stored in BigQuery very easy, with no knowledge of SQL required (collectively the “Test Product”). Users simply need to know basic spreadsheet operations (like writing formulas, creating charts and pivot tables) to do analysis on large BigQuery datasets.

Introducing the Connected Sheet by Google

Introducing the connected sheet (beta coming soon): a new type of spreadsheet that activates only when using the Sheets data connector, allowing you to access, analyze, visualize, and collaborate on up to 10 billion rows of BigQuery data — no SQL scripts needed.

Google Connected sheet

SQL can still be used when connecting BigQuery data to Sheets. However, with the new connected sheet, it’s even easier for you to surface insights in Sheets without the need for a BigQuery or SQL expert, saving time for both users and experts. You can then make sense of that data with spreadsheet formulas or perform deeper analysis with features like pivot tables, and charts. It’s that easy.

  • Access and refresh large volumes of connected data without CSVs
  • Streamline reporting workflows
  • Simplify collaboration with other analysts and stakeholders

When Google connected sheets going to be released?

We’ve been previewing the connected sheet with a small set of Google Cloud Platform and G Suite customers, and we plan to extend this capability to more customers through our beta program by the end of 2019. The connected sheet will be open to customers of both BigQuery and G Suite (Business, Enterprise, Drive Enterprise, Education, Enterprise for Education and Nonprofits editions). BigQuery admins may apply with their primary domain on behalf of their organization.


How it can help and improve Data Automation?

Look at this below workflow. This is are available workflow to automate facebook ads data into multiple destinations. All this information which are sent to bigquery can be now pulled back into Google sheet for further automation.

SuperMetrics Bigquery connectors

With the release of supermetrics BigQuery connectors and Google connected sheet coming in, now you can sort of fully manage your data automation with the single tool if you are warehouse is under BigQuery.

Supermetrics for BigQuery is a ready made data pipeline solution in the Google Cloud Platform marketplace. The solution is native to BigQuery, and it is super helpful to data-driven marketers and analyst.

 It’s the easiest way to get all your marketing data into BigQuery and build Data Studio dashboards on top of it. With Supermetrics for BigQuery, marketers can get a marketing data warehouse up and running in minutes, without developers or technical knowledge required. 

How is Supermetrics for BigQuery unique?

  • Designed with simplicity: An intuitive workflow built by marketers, for marketers. Zero-configuration, zero-maintenance.
  • Data fully transformed ready-to-use: Data transformed into the format marketers need, with denormalized schemas that ensure the best performance and easy usability in reporting tools.
  • Data transfer configured in the BigQuery UI: No need of switching back and forth to an external tool.
  • Best-of-breed integrations: More metrics and dimensions available than any other 3rd-party. Most robust integrations with PPC, SEO, social, and analytics platforms.
  • A dedicated Data Studio connector: Optimized for marketing data in BigQuery. Get any data you need without data blending or transformation.

Why build a marketing data warehouse with Supermetrics for BigQuery?

  • All marketing data in BigQuery, reliably and timely: Best-in-class integrations with Google, Facebook, and other most popular marketing platforms.
  • Blend data from different sources: compare paid campaigns across networks, or link advertising data with web analytics or CRM data.
  • Have full control of all historical data: many marketing platforms only store your data for a limited number of months.
  • Unparalleled robustness and load speed for Data Studio: fetching data on-the-fly can often be slow or unreliable.