What does the supermetrics for Bigquery Means for all DATA NERDS?

And sometimes get down at a random place , take a piss on the open place 😁

Yo! Not all Data Nerds may be but the lazy crazy one who look for fewer steps to achieve something 🙂 Whatever let’s just quickly go through what it means for Marketer or Data guy. Days back we covered quickly about the love ❤️ between Google connected sheet and Supermetrics for BigQuery. Someone asked me apart from the novelty of supermetrics, why do we need it?

A few years ago, I start to use supermetrics when My colleague introduced this tool can bring data from different marketing tools into Google Sheet.
That’s it from the day onwards I started saving time to export my saved reports in Facebook ads. And also stopped using that basic Google Analytics Google Sheet plugin. The rest is history on how supermetrics made easy to bring all marketing data into Google Sheet. 

I am brought up in Corporate consultancy firm where it’s main business is EXCEL 🤩So the only thing I learned from that excel guru is excel and it’s a life lesson. cutting short, the formulas are the savior. So am easily able to KPI dashboards to subfunction monitoring sheet quickly! You got air table now guys but we got that old school Google Sheet there for multi-department workflow 🙂

Fast forward, in bigger companies with multiple countries and business unit running, we don’t have a single account but dozens of account. Like 7 countries * Facebook * Google Analytics * DoubleClick * Google Adwords * Search console = 35 Accounts. who cares to go and download manually?

The Day of Data Scientist came and that created headache 🙂 

While I was speaking with the marketing guy from supermetrics,  I still remember recommending you guys should move on to Bigquery because of tons of data and the movement of technology to Datawarehouse. JK knows the pattern 😍 (just kidding)

Dustin, you 🙂 They want things in the warehouse, Yeah in the data warehouse. oh, I still remember the days sitting on this place kept looking at this beautiful view with confusion on which ETL solution I should be choosing for all the things.

I tried Singer.io with amateur python knowledge, Stitch data, and multiple tools which I covered here. 

When supermetrics for Bigquery came, it’s a good signal for me. Not because I used their sheets before but because it saves hell lot of time.

Quick Video Here

Bigquery to Supermetrics. (Oh there is no data because that’s an empty account 😉

It’s the easiest way to get all your marketing data into BigQuery and build Data Studio dashboards on top of it. With Supermetrics for BigQuery, marketers can get a marketing data warehouse up and running in minutes, without developers or technical knowledge required.

In summary: The steps to transfer you will be taking to transfer data from one place to bigquery is

  1. Have a GCP account with Bigquery project ID
  2. Open the Bigquery interface > Go to Transfers
  3. click Explore connectors > Remove the default filter > search for supermetrics
  4. you get 19 Connectors to use for
  5. Select, provide the access configuration details
  6. Schedule and watch when it’s load

what do you think? 

Btw, what’s the connection to the featured image in the post? A picture from my trip to Tajikistan 🙂 Chill