20+ Cool ETL Tools and Data Automation for Marketers and Data Nerds

Life is awesome when there are ready made ETL/ELT, Data Automation tools 🙂 Whether it is bulk dumping data transfer, or scheme based fetch jobs or even task based automation like zapier. Everything saves significant time in our life hahaha. Here is the list of all the tools I have collected so far. Am sure […]

What does the supermetrics for Bigquery Means for all DATA NERDS?

Yo! Not all Data Nerds may be but the lazy crazy one who look for fewer steps to achieve something 🙂 Whatever let’s just quickly go through what it means for Marketer or Data guy. Days back we covered quickly about the love ❤️ between Google connected sheet and Supermetrics for BigQuery. Someone asked me […]

7 tools to Load, Transfer and Automate your Google Analytics data into Google Sheets, Bigquery, Redshift, SQL server, Tableau and Data studio

Looking for ways to Load, Transfer and automate your Google Analytics data into Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake and other data warehouse? Last year I wrote this article on how to automate data transfer between facebook ads  data into multiple destinations, it seems like that is on google first page and also received few […]

7 Alternatives to Alooma

Looking for alternative to Alooma? Not sure what exact reasons why you are moving. But two of the few objective am writing is. Alooma is now bought by Google and so they don’t allow new users to signup. However the existing users could continue to use Alooma is costly for small-medium range companies. Plus the […]