How to advertise on Facebook Stories? & Instagram

Looking to advertise on Facebook Stories? In this guide we will cover, how to advertise on facebook stories and why you should consider advertising on facebook stories based on benchmark data we got so far.

Facebook released stories in the Facebook app after the success of copying snapchat styled story on Instagram. This feature has been seeing a huge increase in usage by Facebook users. So for advertisers, it means an extra channel of publishing their marketing and also a creative way of sharing their communication as well.

Is advertising on Facebook Stories worth?

According to Nanigans which publish Facebook industry benchmarketing reports

Over the past year, advertisers leveraging Stories have increased budgets dedicated to the format at 124%.
CTR, CPM, and CPC rates for Stories also saw large year-over-year increases. CTRs jumped by 52% compared to Q4 2017.

CPMs saw sizable increases of 112%, and CPCs also grew by a robust 39%.
Make no mistake, News Feed (non-Stories) ads are still king, with a vast majority of ad spend among Nanigans customers going to these ads.

However, the Stories format is quickly emerging as an ad placement that can perform in the same league as other ad units within the Facebook ecosystem.

Analysis of clients from Nanigans

You should really consider on Facebook Story before advertising whether it is something that suits your business. Just because you see the above data, it doesn’t mean it suits you. It worked for a certain industry but not for all industry.

Through the testing of facebook story on my clients on Fashion, Finance and Personal Brand promotion. It doesn’t work for Finance in my observation. I believe a businessman(and mostly people who are above 30) wouldn’t be attracted to a stories ad. That touch point won’t lead to an investment or financial option. However a teenage person who see a funky & funny ad about a fashion brand have more probability. Basically it works especially for the retail brands which are focused on creativity based brands. Brand such as Nike, ASOS, KFC, Gap, H&M etc which are more catered towards the young audience.

Some examples of facebook Story ad

How to advertise on Facebook story ad?

It is simple if you have advertised on Facebook ads before. If not, you might need to check out this facebook advertising detail guide here.

Considering that you already know how to advertise on Facebook Ads (may be after reading that guide). It basically a different placement we need to add in the Ad set level to get the ads running in the Facebook Stories.

(1) Go to Campaign Creation Interface and create campaign. Based on the campaign objective, some objective may not allow stories ad (For Example: Event Response objective, Message objective, Page Likes, Post Engagement). So it clearly depends on the objective you select.

Campaign objectives in facebook

(2) Then once you reach the Ad Set level Segment, you will find the placement to select.

Advertising on Facebook & Instagram Stories AD

(3) Then all the creatives which you previously used to run Conversion Objective and Website Traffic will work. Mostly in my observation it’s the 1200*628 of Link Ads (which comes in image and also video). However due to the nature of Stories Ad, You could be creative on how you use the ad.

You could play with snapchat styled ad size (The taller one) and moveable which are more attractive to youngsters(a short clip yes!)

I believe this article is a pretty basic one. However along the way we can improve the details based on the need like adding more examples of Facebook Stories ad, Industry detailed benchmarks, etc.

Did i missed out anything? You got any other doubts?