How about a Trip to Uzbekistan? #CentralAsia

Why you should consider traveling to Uzbekistan?

Multiple reasons based on who you are and what you like.

It’s one of the biggest cities in the world once upon a time

This is the only large city in the world that had history’s three greatest generals:
Alexander the Great
Chingiz Khan
Amir Temur 

So why not go and check that place ? Particularly those majestic building (madrassah and tombs) are unbelievably amazing on how one can architect the whole thing.

If you are into leadership and management, you could idea of how they have constructed the cities , managed people , had their strategic wars across different regions (especially about Amir Timur)

Only few could choose perfect color patterns in the buildings

At certain times I become numb and kept looking at few designs for many minutes until I could be distracted. If you love colours, you would be mesmerised when you look at the Color patterns they used every different ancient buildings. They would have used multiple colours at a single place but it would look simple and calm instead of very complex designs. They have patterns on everywhere. And all this patterns are combined into single patterns as well. Hard to explain but the below images could explain what I mean.

Carpets, shawls, small utensils, many materials with beautiful designs.

  • It may look like a Turkish design or it could be the same Turkish design (I donno) but it’s beautiful and beautiful. Girls especially when they walk along the shops which are inside those ancient buildings, they would be checking everything and confused in what to buy. Because each design has its own beauty!

I won’t recommend if you are on a Budget travel but less than 5 items for the whole trip should be good according to me!

> Remember about the weight of your luggage carrying Everyday and fight!

I believe less material saves extra money to travel more (if you are on a Budget )

The people!

Trust me , each people in different country has their own sort of kindness and humour. So you would be touched by their kindness and would have lot of fun because of their humour. What happened to me is because of an an Indian, there is lot of jokes about Indian film and people asking about shahrukh Khan, mithun chakravarthy , etc!

They even asked whether I know about Babur 😅 because Babur comes from Uzbekistan it seems which I didn’t know. I know the only part that he is from Central Asia.

Kindness? A lot of stories but one memorable story behind this photos is here >

Am 100% sure you would enjoy your time with Uzbek family!

Religous places visit:

If you are not aware, most of the famous religious scholars and important scientist of the Islamic history comes from this region.

The Bukhari RA, The Nakshband sufis

Other notable scholars and the madrassah (educational institution) they have studied you should be able to see

You will be surprised when looking at Tashkent city itself as how well structured and developed comparing to other colonized countries across the world. Uzbekistan got its independence very lately. So it’s 20year(citition needed) growth!

And many more! So go there and look from your own perspectives 🤙

How to plan your trip ?


The most painful thing to sort out is VISA as each country has different ruling based on your nationality! I don’t really like this. I would like to be in Genghis Khan time of ruling where his empire was big and free flow of movement across borders but let’s follow the current legal steps 😉


If you are not a backpacker who is travelling for many months on a land route, the most straightforward way is ofcourse flying 🙂

Averagely the flight cost is

Malaysia to Uzbekistan =

Singapore to Uzbekistan =

Indonesia to Uzbekistan =

The best way to find the cheap and flexible routes to fly Uzbekistan is using which has way advanced technology to find multiple options more than what Skyscanner or other flight search engine online platforms could offer. You can challenge me on this 🙂 provides

  • multiple options entry for departure (multiple airports, multiple countries, or a region like Central Asia)
  • Multiple options entry for arrival
  • Flexible date or Anyday options
  • Multiple intercity choosing like nomad travellers

So the transportation from Malaysia/singapore/Indonesia to Uzbekistan is done? Let’s go to accommodation

Hotel accommodation:

Hotel accommodation Budget varies depend on what type of person you are and what sort of experience you would like to have. So am just going to cover every possible things I know of

The minimum cost starts from USD7 to any amount you wish.

You need to remember something even though hostels price are very near to hotel, the reason people select either options is based on the environment and mood they want. So it’s up to you. Even in you could find hostels options but the reviews are mixed up and you wouldn’t know what type of person who provided the review.

What happened to Homestay bro?

Airbnb, am not a fan of it due to the reason it become one of the reasons behind affordable housing crisis in metropolitan cities according to my opinions.

But still staying in friends house?

Uzbek government got a strict rule for you that you need to have a registration card of the place you stayed. And it can be provided by registered accommodation properties. Also you can get this when you stay at friends places at this website(hyperlink). I don’t have experience on this.


Put a trust on god and just start a move like a matured man 😎

So realistically people are not that bad like How we imagine from media news. They are so nice. If you try to be greedy and arrogant, expect negative effects.

If you have a good warm smile and hi in their own tradition (assalaamu alaikum in uzbek tradition , they would want to help. And most of the time they don’t want you to pay for transport , food, etc. Even if someone try to cheat you, it would be best thing because you get a chance to understand how people are cheating and avoid in future. You can never stop the cheater until you never experienced 🙂 that’s my belief.

What else? Let me know, I will try to add!

On a related note:

The purpose of sharing this knowledge about travelling to Uzbekistan is to

  • Show how is easy and possible is to travel Uzbekistan
  • My way of giving back to the people of uzbek by Helping the economy of Uzbekistan through tourism
  • Also to understand the unique and rich history which you can’t find always.