FAQ: Digital Marketing Questions

How to view competitors(other company) Facebook Ads ?

Update: Recent change has been done: use this link > https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/?active_status=all&ad_type=all&country=ALL&impression_search_field=has_impressions_lifetime&view_all_page_id=214753582597793 (Just change to the page you want)

  1. Go to the page of your competitor. For example: Nike > https://www.facebook.com/nike/

2. Go to this section called info & Ads

From here you will be able to scroll and find all the ads the competitor are running.

Also you could click at any of the ad to see how they structure their UTM and where it provides if they are using any special targeting strategies in their digital marketing. (usually marketers try to put their targeting info to differentiate their different ads. If they are using any advanced Advertisement tools, we may not be able to track it. because it’s all machine coded identification. Example Like: Fbclid, dcclid, ad_id, etc

What is the best social media platform for marketing a service business (e.g. a construction, electrician, or plumbing business)?

When you face a problem in any of the things above ,(This are timely sensitive things), do you go to facebook feed and search for the things? The chances are less.

Naturally people go to any of this

  1. google search (which majorly includes Google maps and other maps) 
  2. or classified services (now a days places like social marketplaces and local service based market places 
  3. Ask their friends

think back in your memory, when you last time you had this issue, what you would have done? If you know the answer, that’s the place you need to market your brand.

Personally I would recommend you to focus on Google maps (local business marketing) and try to partner with services based marketplace 

Do you suggest different promotional e-mails for each segment you will create? or one promo email for all the segments will work?

There need to be some segmentation done to split and focus promotions per each user segment 

  • one time user  who have not purchased on the last 90days – the user who made transaction 2-5 times who have not purchased last 90days
  • Users who have made more than 5 transactions and not purchased the last 90days
  • Users who purchased on last 90days but with 5 transactions

Then Promotion for segment1:

we miss you! ( we noticed that you have not been blah blah. We thought of asking if there is any help we can do. Btw, we have got this new arrival as well. (Images)For you, the special offer is ##% “
The message and promotion can be varied across the different segment.

This article shared what a conveying as well. https://www.pure360.com/we-miss-you-how-to-win-at-re-engagement-emails/
For any matured e-commerce these biggest money drivers come repeated revenue from existing customers (70-80%). So spend as much time understanding the existing users.

The question we all need to have is what will I tell to my customers when they come back to my shop again and convince him? > that needs to be in the email
How will I behave if my loyal customer comes or first-time customers? That’s the segment where we personalize the content

How to promote instagram Post?

Instagram doesnt have promoted post options, so we cant promote anything But we can post the INSTAGRAM URL inside the Facebook page and use facebook post ID to promote and choose instagram as placement in the ad set.

Disadvantages: when people click anything on that ad, they will go to facebook first and see the instagram post there instead of directly seeing the post in Instagram