What is Full Stack Marketer, 15 skillsets of them and Resources to learn those skills?

Have you ever heard of full stack marketer or full stack marketing? if you are someone who is trying to improve your skills to become as full stack marketer, I have added what is full stack marketer skills should be you can define the full stack marketer by comparing below list of Skills they should be proficient of. Additionally if you are interested to become full stack developer,  i have added some resources to get start on those skills.

So what is a full stack marketer?

This is defined in the same way how full stack developer have been. A full stack developer is the one who can build a product from start to finish(Front end to Backend), Similarly full stack marketer is someone who is familiar with all marketing layers with understanding and skills to execute all layers (Email, Social, Analytics, PPC, Blog, etc) and create integrated growth strategies with limited resources.

In other words, we can approximately define in simple words as

” who can Architect of marketing framework rather building a specified marketing layer”

JK Baseer

Full stack developers can be a great opt for startups at an early stage for developing a marketing framework and to get all the channels. If a full stack marketer have more experience, they are perfect for VP of marketing and Chief marketing officer(CMO) as they are a jack of all trades(or T-Skill) provided with management skills who can handle jack of specialist on each channel

So what are the skill set a full stack marketer should proficient of?

There are many lists on the internet which mentions about different in marketing need to be proficient of but I have filtered out important 15 skills they must be proficient of.

1. Analytics/Insights/Statistics

First and foremost important skills need to execute any skills successfully mentioned below is to be proficient of Analytics. If a marketer unable to analyze his results through any of the analytics, he won’t be able to move on the next stage on the right path. He could learn analytics from website analytics to social media analytics. Basically able to measure his efforts

Resources to learn Analytics:

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Getting the organic exposure for a brand is prominent thing in marketing. So their understanding about the basic optimization from onpage optimization to offsite optimization could help the brand getting resulted on search engines and getting free traffic.


3. Copywriting/Content Marketing/Blogging

One of widely popular free marketing technique is content marketing(based on user persona), as a full stack marketer should be know how to “write a compelling content” to “market that content” for the target audience.


Copywriting (compelling headlines, unique content interesting to readers), Content Marketing(articles, Slides, infographic,etc),Blogging:

4. Social Media

Connecting with targeted audience and creating a engagement can lead to new exposure for the brand existence and word of mouth exposure through organic.  so the full stack marketer should be proficient of executing the below channels.

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter.,etc.


5. Email Marketing / CRM / LifeCycle Marketing:

Email Marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategies. Get to know things like harvesting the emails, Layout of the Email, Content planning, timing, segmenting the user list which are basic levers in email marketing.

CRM and LifeCycle marketing is bit near on their strategies. As a full stack marketer, we should know how to execute each of the lifecycle of users below as most of CRM/Lifecycle marketing is run through Email (Leastly on SMS, Push Notification)

  1. Welcome Email / Subscription confirmation Email
  2. Engagement Emails for objectives like Traffic to websites, Buyer activation Email, Product upgrade,
  3. Reactivation Emails for inactive users
  4. Retention Emails  for Active users

Basic Lessons can be found on: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor,

Advanced lesson on Email Marketing can be found on blogs of Email marketing software providers like Responsys. Experian, Emarsys, Marketo and Hubspot.

6. Paid Advertising

Basic understanding of advertising on Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Each of these channels opts for the different type of business. So we need to know which channels work for business. Need to be proficient on Account structure, Campaign structure, creative Management, Landing Page, conversion rate, bidding, placement.

One of the best resource to learn the basics and intermediate knowledge to learn paid advertising. Just Visit

7. Testing / Optimization

Testing and optimization is nothing but testing and optimizing all the skills listed by perfectly understanding which metrics to be consider for optimizing/testing on each of the channels. this skill could be achieved perfectly only from the lot of experience through own rather than using industry data. Most of the testing is carried on landing page, user experience, conversion optimization and creative testing.

8. Business Intelligence (BI)

Beyond to the analytics tool, there are specified BI tools which helps to take data driven decision through deep analysis by connecting the BI Tool with different analytics(email, mobile, social). To get a basic understanding of this, Visit this > Importance of Business Intelligence and Why every organization need a BI Tool and Team?

9. Design

Two things on the design part. Designing the image in Customer perspective with elements like call to action, color, text and Proficient to use design Tools like Adobe photoshop.

10.HTML/CSS/JS/API / SQL Queries

  1. Know the basics to edit the coding of the website for the purpose like SEO, Implementing Tracking,UI Fix,.etc.
  2. API knowledge and basic SQL queries to connect the data from different channel to Business Intelligence Tools for analysing purpose.

11. Public Relation

12. Branding / Positioning

13. Mobile Marketing/ InApp Marketing/Distribution (Contact with 3rd party mobile marketing agencies, distribution )

14. Affiliate Marketing

15. Growth Hacking

What do you think ?

A small story about me as Full Stack Marketer: I used to learn all the layers just because of curious and quest for knowledge. At the initial stage, i used to be afraid of jack of all marketing skills and not strong enough to pitch my skills when i brand myself. but this eventually after few years of experience helped me to achieve a great place where i can understand each part of the marketing and to create a integrated marketing strategies. Being Full Stack Marketer has advantage and disadvantage. Disadvantage is at Initial Stage, you wouldn’t be able to pitch about yourself on interview strongly when you go to corporate/Established companies, Exceptional case when you go to startup(or you going to startup) could help you. Advantage, when you continue your career  on the long run with learning all the skills, it could help for sure after some years for the post of Head of marketing, CMO and VP. so be optimist 🙂 And there is sentance i used to disagree with many peoples “Jack of all doesn’t going to help, so be the master of something”. Nope life is all about

“Connecting the dots” – steve. Trust that and Go ahead!

For more information about full stack marketing, follow experts like Kyle Tibbitts, Dan Kaplan, and Morgan Brown.

Some of the post content is inspired from the articles Onboardly, wadefoster.