The Birth of

The ideas for social is brought up while I was very inspired about how people came together for a help to¬†the people in need by creating Wall of Kindness While I was writing an article on LinkedIn about  “wall of Kindness”” sort of ideas can bring a change across the world and how everyone can […]

Government Digital transformation: Taking Inspiration from Norway Tourism Strategy

A strategy for governments: how to empower tourism economy via digital transformation

Why a digital transformation is important if you are really betting on Travel/Tourism as a major sector in your economy?  Before 15years ago, when the common people want to travel to foreign countries mostly it’s for job and business, now more than 50% of people who wants travel outside of their country is for tourism. […]

Building Digital Transformation strategy for Government and it’s Economy

Building Digital Transformation strategy for Government

Why is digital transformation strategy is important for governments? While travelling around the world, One of the objective to me is how as a human we can use exploration skill to learn from each other and improve humanity as a whole. The observation of a people mindset or the digital tools the government has implemented […]