Government Digital transformation: Taking Inspiration from Norway Tourism Strategy

Why a digital transformation is important if you are really betting on Travel/Tourism as a major sector in your economy?  Before 15years ago, when the common people want to travel to foreign countries mostly it’s for job and business, now

Improving Education in Rural Areas via New Digital Technologies – Digital Library

Should we build a DIGITAL LIBRARY in your village/town? Is it possible with almost zero cost and no internet? Just background why this is important before going on with the details. WHY Digital Library? While am traveling in central Asia, I

Digital Government Transformation Blueprint for a smart Nation- Here is the 14 KPI set by Singapore Govt

On June 2018, Singapore government has laid out its digital government blueprint. Not recently but for many years, Singapore has been challenging every big nation in the world about how to be smart nation via technology adoption. Singapore government is like a startup

Building Digital Transformation strategy for Government and it’s Economy

Why is digital transformation strategy is important for governments? While travelling around the world, One of the objective to me is how as a human we can use exploration skill to learn from each other and improve humanity as a