The Birth of

The ideas for social is brought up while I was very inspired about how people came together for a help to the people in need by creating Wall of Kindness

While I was writing an article on LinkedIn about  “wall of Kindness”” sort of ideas can bring a change across the world and how everyone can be a part of it.I was giving my opinions and one of the opinions is creating a platform to curate this idea and spread across. Yes, it is like a wall of kindness, the difference is not items to hang, but IDEAS TO SHARE!

So I had a sudden thought that instead of waiting for someone to create, why not I take the initiative? On the same night, didn’t sleep, research about how to build a platform to achieve this need. Then suddenly the logic of product hunt platform and it’s interface ideas are interesting, so similar to curate the best startups and ideas, I thought of curating the best people based initiatives and allow people to post and vote. So the voting functionalities can help us understand the bigger influence. Bought the same domain, searched for technologies to implement and got feedback from my friend about the technology.

Then launched the platform with basic use cases! So here we are, my job is simple that facilitates the features and exposure to the website and so people can find what they want. So I got my friends and acquaintance to provide their assistance as well!

The initial set of ideas I planned is below but while searching ideas for social empowerment, the sustainable goals by UN was very similar to what I wanted to do. I believe UN delegates should have done a lot of research and come with 17 goals for changing this world by 2030.

  1. Helping others – accommodation
  2. Helping others – Health
  3. Helping others – Education
  4. Governance
  5. Safety ideas
  6. Environment

This is UN Goals:

IdeasForSocial > The platform is open for anyone with good intention to support the people in need and the World. We hold no ownership and rights of any idea, This platform is for the people by the people to share , spread and discuss

About Myself:  Call me “JK”

I have started my journey from a rural village and by God’s will, am enjoying a successful and good life in Singapore as a Digital Professional but the happiness only to myself is not the best satisfaction. There is always a dream that I want to provide back something to the community and this world. On my last trip to Mongolia was more emotional after seeing kids in the village and adventurous that there should be something I can really do it. And with all other previous thoughts, I have finally come up with this platform that can give an opportunity for me to help others!