The Future of SuperMetrics & Marketing Data Automation

While Hitchhiking to Finland from Norway

The PAST: 

On 2017 after an interview call with Zhao Hanbo(The first marketing guy in Supermetrics), I wrote the below in the summary email. Taking out the few lines from there

Supermetrics started with vision of saving time for people to analyze in excel

Then started using cloud sheets. Now it is available with G-Sheets

Then people using BI tools, Now its available as Data Studio

Now data scientist, multi-skilled analyst are rising up, this means the next possible step could pushing data to Cloud database(BigQuery) for machine learning ( Curretly Stitchdata and offer this)

– 2017, Gmail conversation

My strategic vision was that releasing a Supermetrics connector for bigquery will be future proof for the company (+ another point Marketers mostly use google based products) . I made this calculation through my career growth where my life was like

  • Initially excel to do reports
  • Then Google Sheet (Cloud revolution)
  • Then BI tools instead of using sheet to prepare reports, we want to automate this data into BI tool directly 
  • Then finally we went on sending data to Bigquery and then to Tabluea (while I was at Exness) 


As I envisioned, Supermetrics for big query is available from 2019. @Zhao Hanbo, Thanks for providing me the beta access! It’s a privilege.

It’s good to see the company has generated $20 Million ARR last year. It’s a very good growth. More than 400K or 500K people are using the tool which is really impressive. So by the present, my instinct was right as a marketer we need that.

THE FUTURE: Designing Ecosystem

After the big query, what should be future? 

3 Perspectives

1.Conservative approach

Source of data: Increasing the number of connectors they are currently having. Where companies like Funnel & Stitchdata is doing good with that

Destination of data: Staying same here by supporting excel, Sheet, DataStudio. BigQuery

2. Optimistic approach 

Source of data: Continue adding like conservative

Destination: Adding further more data destination like 

  • AWS,
  • SnowFlake,
  • Azure, Looker,
  • Grafana, Panoply

Futuristic approach 

Retail audience (Individual marketers) 

On 2013, I felt the facebook ads manager sucks and I try to work with my friend for few months to build a connector where we can build a mobile app to monitor the marketing data. That never materials. 

I still feel interms of marketer lifestyle changing and especially where lot of digital nomads and remote workers are increasing, we mostly use mobile for optimising rather the desktop (we use for launching campaigns). 

Something like Google analytics app for all marketing channels would be super cool which gets connected to Supermetrics API?

Medium Level companies

The current solution can stay as how it is for the medium level companies. The more they gonna use just connecting to any warehouse and then to tools like R and Python environments 


I am not sure Supermetrics will suitable for all enterprise companies. And even for the company next to enterprise level like Uber/Deliveroo because they have own engineering who literally does work like supermetics developers to get the data to their warehouse. 

More than 80% of the Fortune 500 clients use PowerBI for the visualisation. May be a connector for PowerBI? ( Not just marketing data as a source but could be all growth stack) 

This clients price for this connectors could range range anything from USD3K-4K. I believe Alooma (now bought over by google) is doing better job with that. 

This my. thoughts so far!

What happened with the interview?

Btw, I didn’t share about the interview end? I think I did well based on the words he gave to me 🙂 I prepared a B2B Marketing automation email flow for them and had 2-3calls but there seems to be a local Finnish guy who initially not wanted to join but end up joining later. So I lost that opportunity with them. I still remember he asked me first question whether I will be okay with Finland cold, I SAID YES! I always wanted to travel to new places, embrace new culture and learn from them. So the next year I resigned my job and travel for 5-6months across europe, central asia , etc.

While Hitchhiking to Finland from Norway

I traveled more than 16% of the world. Am happy about all the good things I have seen but I had seen problems around the world as well. I love tech and especially meaningful tech. So I built this lab called iStrata Digital to achieve meaningful growth everywhere. So we wanted to do 2 things,

  1. Build Digital infrastructure as a SaaS solution to enable entrepreneurs  solve different problems (focused on unique models – Platform economy, Gig, Sharing, etc)
  2. Provide services to existing business through our unique approach