What is Full Stack Marketer, 15 skillsets of them and Resources to learn those skills?

Have you ever heard of full stack marketer or full stack marketing? if you are someone who is trying to improve your skills to become as full stack marketer, I have added what is full stack marketer skills should be

Building a data-driven public transportation route recommendation system for smart cities

In 5-10Years rural to urban movement going to create new problems in every country, public transportation going to make a biggest impact in this problem next to Affordable housing. So let’s take a look on data driven system that can

A Remarkable day in Malaysia Urban Forum 2019 – A UN-Habitat partner forum

It was a remarkable day to remember! As people say getting out of the place could enlighten us on how to better solve the problem we are currently in. We don’t need to always try to solve bigger problems by

Choosing a website conversion rate optimization tool – 2019

Why do you need website optimization tool? Optimisation and experimenting in website is not a must to do activity but it is recommended to have ALWAYS ON approach for any UX/UI person to improve the browsing behaviour experience according to user behaviour.