Top Recruitment Agencies which focus on Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Technology Role

The purpose of sharing the contacts here in this is meant to help you but not use for spamming. so use it wisely.

NameLinkedinEmailField focused on CompanyCommentsCountry
Clovie she moved to Thomson Reuters, you can still contact hersingapore
Daniel Vale
Azizul Ariffin for last 3yearssingapore
Lavenia Ambika[email protected]the global leader in Salesforce and Marketing Automation recruitment.Mason Frank Internationalsingapore
Lebelle Ang[email protected]CogsVery helpfulsingapore
Apoorva[email protected]Ambitionsingapore
Patricia[email protected] helpfulsingapore
Valerie[email protected]singapore
Aaron[email protected]Malaysia
Diane[email protected]XpandSuper helpful
Colin[email protected]Contacted only once, good to try
Beverly[email protected]She is nice, can try reaching out to her
Abigail[email protected]senior consultant, so may be bit tough to get attention. No harm trying
Alvin[email protected]He contacted once.
Alyssa Seah[email protected]
Oliver Wood[email protected]
Chitrangada[email protected]She arranged for one interview
David guy is best if you are in data. Cooperative, Understandable and plus actionable. No bull shit stuff
Lauren[email protected]Hayscan connect you with google
Caroline call only once but never came back. She helps if you want to go australia
Sophie recruiter. If you got stuff, she can find job for you. The whole aspire team is good to be in touch