15+ Chrome extensions & Google Sheet Add on that really helps me everyday, time & energy.

Sometime I wondered how people who have lot of responsibilities managed their task, time and focused on right things. Mindset, Tools, System(process), Strategy and Data. Am a big believer of everything we do, can be improved by using mix of this things. 

You would have seen in your job requirements and also some advices like below .

  • Mindset – Broad, Agile, Holistic, Critical thinking, etc
  • Tools – Depending on the job set (Usually for data analyst, it starts with excel and reaches until Data engineering tools)
  • System/Process – Project/Task management tools, Approaches we take like Agile, Lean.   
  • Strategy – Conventional from the experience and unconventional from the Personal wisdom 
  • Data – Things to track, monitor, take decisions, etc. 

All the below may not be suitable for everyone but I use it minimum once in a week for different purpose

Unsplash – Best Chrome extension

Damn! why? Starting with no benefits to the work but making mind fresh with the different nature images from parts of the world. It always remind before I start the work or after or middle of stress that the LIFE DOESN’T ENDS HERE BABE. We have lot of things to experience and see! 

So that’s my motivator. The pic below is from my unsplash and from my travels. 

Wappalyzer – Best Chrome extension

Best Chrome extension

Not for non-technical people but who are aspire to become one and some one who is curious how different things are working. Been like almost 5+ years, there wasn’t a single day I didn’t use that (If I have opened my laptop). This is something like you want to find a really interesting person and look for her social media profile. SNEEKY 😄 So I use this to check the technology behind different websites. I can say more than my developers, I know the different technologies used in websites BUT I DO NOT KNOW how to use them as my developers. 

It helps me to watch the trends, the great things and other info to make my decisions on tech stack. So when my developers say something, I have rough information why different things are used and who have used them before. 

SAVE TO POCKET – Best Chrome extension

If you are windows users and using chrome, you are DONE with memory usage of chrome for many tabs. HANG, SLOW, INCREASE STRESS and WASTE TIME. So all my procrastination, read later, special insights are saved here using this simple plugin. 

I open POCKET app 

  • when I go to sleep,  or 
  • when am travelling or 
  • When am bored what to do, I go there, read it and archive. 
  • Sometimes some things stays there for long time under a special tag to remind me (There are some gems which can always help us at different time) 
  • Link

What Font – Best Chrome extension

A simple plugin to check the fonts in different site. Ofcourse people can use inspect element but this one is handy to move around and find different section. Why we need this?

In design world, Typography plays important role. So when I find beautiful sites, I see how they have done. It provides me an inspirations and also some points to tell my designers if we should explore this. 


Open SEO Stats – Best Chrome extension

This plugin is not just meant for SEO (Search engine optimisation) stats of a competitor but also could be useful to the see the popularity of the brand. Which country the blog belongs too, Page info(meta) , Link Stats, Page load time, etc + like other details you see in the screenshot


SuperMetrics – Best Chrome extension

Finally. All your marketing metrics in one place. #1 reporting automation tool for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics. Instantly connect all your marketing data to Google BigQuery. Build insightful dashboards in Data Studio or other BI tools.

Google Data Studio + Google Sheets + Supermetrics = Your winning combo for marketing reporting & analysis

Will be adding other set of plugins soon.