Objective of this Training: 



Tools like GTM , ga , Google optimise , search console 

Collection of Data:

GA has automated all of the informations you wanted to see but imagine if you need to do manually all this data. 

For example: currently only the default data like view, navigation, source and audience attributes are available. What if you want to collect which button user click? 

That’s where tag management solutions like GTM comes into the picture. 

Processing of Data into informations

Things to collect

Key process indicators 

Top Metrics important

Business Strategy

CPA, Frequency of donation, Average order value, Churn rate, LTV, Return rate

Event – A discrete action or class of actions that occurs on a website. A page view is a type of event. Events also encapsulate clicks, form submissions, keypress events, and other client-side user actions

PART 2: Reporting Automation

  1. Why do we need reporting automation?
  2. Some sample dashboards
  3. Google Sheet + Manual VS
  4. Google Sheet + Google analytic plugin VS
  5. Google Sheet + Supermetrics
  6. Google Sheet + Supermetrics + DataStudio

Way of transformation