Digital Marketing and Technology service for Schools, College & University

Digital technologies for educational institutions ( School, college, University)
Digital technologies for educational institutions ( School, college, University)

Before few years, Educational institutions used to recruit students from word of mouth, events and other offline marketing. Recently with major percentage of students spending time online on social networks and other online platforms, the marketing need to be done on digital channels to recruit them. Even the word of mouth also happens online due to the social media shares from students. On top of that, once the students are onboarding everything they prefer online as well. From payment of fees to finding information about schedules, courses and other information. They also communicate with colleges on online channels from applying leave to submitting any feedbacks.

So considering all this situations, educational institutions need to digital transform their process and operation.

  • Digital marketing is an essential tool for colleges when it comes to attracting students.
  • Social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook are effective ways of driving traffic to your website
  • Other cloud based technology solutions need to be implemented for knowledge sharing to communication

I have drafted this below strategy which is applicable for any educational institutions whether it’s school, college or university.

Goals of this transformation

  1. Building a Marketing technology system to run ads as efficiently and cost-effectively
  2. Building a Marketing technology system to engage the user in a more personalized way through email.
  3. Building a Marketing Analytics system to track the behavior of the users and monitor
  4. Building a CRM system integrated with Marketing Tools to manage their Marketing Lead Acquisition and nurturing
  5. Building a CRM system where any person in the organization can find leads and their details in a structured format.
  6. Building a CRM system integrated with Service Desk where the customer service team can manage service desk inquiries through Email and Live Chats

Background and strategic fit

It is easy to set up an advertisement campaign to run ads and bring leads in a normal fashion but that’s not the efficient way, how we nurture them and track the performance is important for an efficient and scalable way. So what we going to use is a customer relationship management system(CRM) to manage this efficiently with proper fundamental marketing technology system to run ads and monitor the results.

This way we can scale the college marketing activities and student engagement activities in a most advanced and structured way whether it is 5000 leads or 150,000 leads acquired. 


The situations we considered before going ahead with this solutions. 

  • What will happen when a user comes into a website where he has no personalized message?
  • What will happen when a user has been targeted generically and not focused on the potential targets?
  • What will happen when a lead is submitted but there is no follow up from customer service team?
  • What will happen when the lead is submitted with no proper details of courses or anything?
  • What will happen when a user has shown interest in the first mail but there was no proper follow from customer service team?
  • What will happen when we acquire 200 leads per day, who will send the initial details to them? Are we going to send one by one in a manual fashion?
  • What will happen when a user comes to the website and want to ask a very quick doubt? 
  • What will happen when we have 500 leads but we don’t know who is considering, who is just checking, who is ready to join? 

About the Project Team:

We specialize in implementing technology solutions for companies who value the importance of digital transformation and automated smart systems whether it is acquiring a new user(#digitalmarketing) or automating the process of operations in marketing/analytics/sales. 

Our expertise and services help online retailers, educational institutions and Nonprofit organizations to manage digital marketing and product development. Our main goal is to ​help our clients use right solutions that save their time and spend money in a cost-effective way. 

Technology Implementation Requirements (Aka Implementation List) 

The title means the functionality

User story means: Who needs this? What do they need? What company will get?

TitleUser story
CMS – Landing PAgeMarketers are able to create landing pages under a subdomain for landing the users in a customised pages which are personalised and dynamic
CMS – Landing Pages customizationMarketers are able to embed images, videos, whitepapers anything that can help students to consider submitting their lead. 
CMS <> CRM – Landing Page FormsMarketers are able to create a customizable form in the landing pages to test various assumptions of user lead submission
CMS <> GTM – Landing Page TrackingMarketers are able to put tracking system(Google Tag Manager) in the created landing pages for tracking the user behavior and retargeting
Content Marketing (Organic Search)Building a BLOG of Wikipedia of the educational knowledge base (For example: Even getting a monopoly in supply chain management education)
CRM – Leads View Sales & CS teamSales team are able to see the lead, understand what users want and contact them back with any details for further proceeding
CRM – Performance TrackerMarketers are able to see the performance of those leads in Kanban board view to clearly identify where is the bottleneck
CRM – Sync between Mail systemMarketers are able to send those leads filtered with different stage funnel to a marketing automation tool for email marketing
CRM <> FacebookMarketers are able to send the leads from Facebook ads system to CRM system automatically
CRM <> GetresponsseDevelopers able to sync the contacts between getresponse and zoho for marketing emails
CRM/support DeskSales/CS team have a system where they can write email, phone call to the users
CRM/support DeskSales/CS team have a system where they can update the details of the users interest and move them to a different stage of the funnel 
Facebook Ad Account SetupMarketers are able to run ads on Facebook ads system to source leads
Facebook Ad Tracking SystemMarketers are able to track when ads have SUCCESSFULLY brought a new lead into landing pages ads
Getresonse <> MUSTDevelopers create a custom domain and add a CNAME records from getresponse with MUST to make the domain authority more trustworthy
Google Analytics ImplementationMarketers and CEO able to monitor the performance of the campaigns through analytical system
Google Tag Manager (Tracking)Marketers are able to have a base tracking platform to provide tracking data for multiple ads and analytics tools
Marketing Automation (GetResponse)Marketers are able to scale the email automation mails in a personalized 
MarketingAutomation(Getresponse)Marketers are able to nurture the leads through email marketing to further convert to next stage in the funnel
Paid Social Ads Marketing running campaign on Paid social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) acquiring new leads
SEO (On Page Optimization)Breadcrumbs (detailed search result on google, structured informations) 
SupportDesk/LiveChatSales/CS team have a Live chat system where they can interact with users in real time

Marketing Technology Architecture

Digital technologies for educational institutions ( School, college, University)

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