EXPERT . ADVANCE. Single Campaign Structure for Multi Country, Multi Product, Multi Channel

Thinking about what could be the best campaign structure that you can rely on? Save your money and time? Make you feel that you are really in control? Solve the pain of you reporting to your finance team about spending by goals, etc? Saves your time in reporting?

It’s been 10 years this 2022. A decade of life starting my career in Facebook ads, that changed my career from an IT guy to a Marketing guy. Connecting the dots, I become a marketing technology specialist now. That’s my sweet spot. Not to brag but coincidence while I’m writing this.

I don’t think I’m early as I was or same as even before 3 years. The way I structure my campaigns or run ads evolve as per technology and how auctioning systems move as well. But the last 3 years running different clients doesn’t seem to have changed much things. Meaning what I have been doing for a D2C brands look same for tech SaaS as well. End of the day the product changes, the communication changes but the journey of the customer, it’s same.

The customers are the people. And they are still people. They think the same way you and me on how they consider a brand. So the structure on how they should be targeted still stays the same.

Previously it was more like traditional awareness, consideration, conversation based structure. And I’m really not a fan of people speaking BOF, MOFU, TOFU. That look like a bit of fantasy to me without a substance. The customer or your business metrics doesn’t need to be tracked like that.

If you don’t want to hear about why the particular things is done this but looking for the end example. Here it is

However it’s better to understand why I have been doing this. The pros and cons of them. And then see if it makes sense to you.

WARNING: Do not keep changing the structure of the campaign. This affect certain system that stores data by name instead of ID. More details in below

Why you should not use UTM template which Meta or other ad platform Provides

Finance Team

This is something I want to cover even though it’s not part of your work. In a bigger organisation, finance team need to record cost in multiple ways to help their finance analyst to do financial modelling.