7 Alternatives to Alooma

Looking for alternative to Alooma? Not sure what exact reasons why you are moving. But two of the few objective am writing is. Alooma is now bought by Google and so they don’t allow new users to signup. However the existing users could continue to use Alooma is costly for small-medium range companies. Plus the […]

How about a Trip to Uzbekistan? #CentralAsia

Why you should consider traveling to Uzbekistan? Multiple reasons based on who you are and what you like. It’s one of the biggest cities in the world once upon a time This is the only large city in the world that had history’s three greatest generals: Alexander the GreatChingiz KhanAmir Temur 🇺🇿 SAMARKAND 🇺🇿 So why not go […]

How to advertise on Facebook Stories? & Instagram

Looking to advertise on Facebook Stories? In this guide we will cover, how to advertise on facebook stories and why you should consider advertising on facebook stories based on benchmark data we got so far. Facebook released stories in the Facebook app after the success of copying snapchat styled story on Instagram. This feature has […]

FAQ: Digital Marketing Questions

How to view competitors(other company) Facebook Ads ? Go to the page of your competitor. For example: Nike > https://www.facebook.com/nike/ 2. Go to this section called info & Ads From here you will be able to scroll and find all the ads the competitor are running. Also you could click at any of the ad […]

33 Photos – why you should travel to Tajikistan #Tourism #Backpacking

The unplanned decision to travel in Tajikistan was most happiest thing I ever did Before you proceed To give pleasant experience, the photos are not compressed that much. so you need good internet speed to browse To reduce the speed load time, sometimes the image may load when you keep scrolling, so remember that Want […]

How to use Segmentation & Targeting to develop digital marketing strategies?

In the Data Driven Digital Era, Segmentation and Targeting in digital is important. It’s also an important pillar for planning out the marketing strategy. Targeting strategies is the first foremost activities to be done in digital marketing strategies. To make things practical, am going to use one of the product we have built as an […]

Advertising Tools for Digital Marketing/Marketers

In recent years, advertising management tools makes the marketers jobs easier by automating lot of manual stuff and provide a scaling option with minimal work. There are small and large advertising managements available in the market recently. Facebook – Advertising tool – Bulk Changes(Audience, Creative, Placement) – Easy Duplicates of Campaigns and Ads – Bulk […]

The difference of Apache, Nginx, Mongrel, WEBrick, Phusion passanger, Capistrano

As a newbie to Ruby on rails, i often came across this names and have a huge confusion on knowing all this. But the great article from stackoverflow members, i got a clear cut of all this with difference. Thanks to http://stackoverflow.com/posts/4113570/revisions Am not taking credits to this article. I feel sharing this which may be useful and […]