Why is that small thought behind everything you do is important? #DecisionMaking

Whether you are reading a book or speaking with someone or watching a movie, Did you realize that there is a small mutual thought always keep following us on everything we do in our life? I cannot define with a right word for it. In simple it is the dream you want yourself to move towards or the person you want to be in your life. Some people are very clear on what they want to achieve as a dream in the early part of their life but some people are able to realize only after a long time.

There is no wrong in it realising that later but if you can identify that sooner, the pleasure of the dream journey start early and most importantly every time you had that small thought it going to bring a confidence and optimism in your life and not as a confusion. That excitement going to move you from lame(normal) feeling to something superstitious. Every night when you about to sleep or taking a good break, that small thought will remind you “Are you doing anything to achieve that?”.

That’s the reminder we need in our life to make it more purposeful and meaning full.


Is that really an important?

Imagine you are at your 20’s whether you are joining a college or a selecting which company to join or even whom you want to be married, etc. Understanding this small thought going to help you in the long term because once you have decided to do anything, you going to spend a lot of time, do you think we can use a time machine to bring back? Nope, but of course, with regret, we can redo this again. But it’s a wastage yeah? Why do we really need to waste it when we can do in more self-awareness way.

if you know what you want to become through your small thoughts, you going to take your education, job or bigger decision in life-based on it. For example, Let’s say I want to be as a journalist for peace and empowerment of oppressed people, if am going to join a very commercialised company that allows me to ONLY use my skills purely for making more profit without any corporate responsibility,will I be able to contribute on what am dreaming for it?

Maybe you can say I can donate money to someone to achieve that purpose. But that’s to anyone whom you can bring small emotion and empathy of that certain cause can do this donation, I don’t even need to have that as a ”life dream”. Correct?

So knowing all this limitation and still I go for the normal job, then logically it’s a stupid decision of having a dream which you cannot achieve it. Hence knowing this goal or purpose or whatever you call it if you are aware of that, the decision you going to take is profitable, gives you more confidence and more excitement! This is one of it what makes us happy in life whether it is a struggle or good news because we know the purpose where we are running to.


How do you feel..

If you going to a restaurant near by and ask the owner,

A: what do you want to do next brother as this business is going well?

Owner1: It’s good, I will just continue maintaining this and make good money.

What’s your feeling now about the restaurant owner answer?  (May be he feel contentment with it or he may not want to take more risk or something else)

Now a different restaurant owner,

A: what do you want to do next brother as this business is going well?

Owner2: It’s good. I see a positive signal.  this is working, so am going to open up multiple restaurants and continue testing this idea.

How do you feel now? (Does he look ambitious? Or Does it create feeling that “hmm this man look interesting, your inner mind is curious about watching how he going to win next time”).

If you see the difference or your reaction after this two answers, the second answer makes you more excited about it. Do you think the first? It’s not excitement but okay good for him feeling.


In Football match,

It is similar to when someone scores a goal, next match he scored double. There you are curious about this guy performance on his next match.

At home,

When you see a new born kid, every day he/she show new reaction, will you be excited about it or not? Doesn’t it make you feel excited about it every day?

That’s the nature of human, every excitement going to make up his day and keep him motivated to do lot. He try to/ attains more of his capability than his previous day because that is going to make him happy.


So back to the small thought,

if you try to identify what’s the thought that going on your mind, What you yet to decide is going to be successful and productive enough. You going to be more interested in studying because you realized that’s the purpose of your life. Your job is going to be very excited as you are driving towards your longer ambition in your life. Your life partner whom you selected or partnered with going to remind you and enjoy the ride when you make the success. She/he understand the importance of that purpose you have. When you fail or struggle, they are aware of how to make your calm and attain peace.

Don’t you think now how much that can help our decision in our day to day life? If you believe YES THAT Small thought can give you clarify in your life and make better decisions, Let’s further explore how we can figure out that early.


How to figure out this unknown big dream from small thought?

Find who you are and what you want to become decision making

When you watch movies, easy example: Expendables 3, there are a number of characters in the movie. Your friend may be very interested in the Sylvester Stallone role, another friend is interested about the Jason Statham but you are curious and interested about the Chuck Norris, lonely wolf style who doesn’t have a team, plays alone, still come to save someone when there is a help needed and likes to joke 😀

When you play a game, some like to be in the defender, some striker, some goalkeeper, etc. It is not just what they want it, it is their inner mind tell what position make them happy.

When you read books, some like fiction, some nonfiction on biography, some really want to learn more about culture, some deep science. This is not something normal, this means a lot and tells you what you want to be in long-term. A science reader could become a researcher, explore new solution or want to write about it, etc.

So similarly in every category not just reading, playing or watching… Write down the common points in all this category and see what’s the mutual point. Or even the easiest way is going through a list of top 100-200 influential people around the world (all time), just keep note down 10people whom you really admired and inspired by.

Simple fact, You attracted to what you want to become which means you are attracted to this 10people that’s what you want to become. Those who can influence you are the one what you want to become.

Read more about this different perspective here as well

Knowing whom you want to become going to make your decision process easy whether it is career or personal life. That set’s the long-term vision in your life, you would run towards it whatever the cause because you love it and never worried about obstacles as a kid which run towards faster with a smiley face to its parent whether has obstacles or not. All the best!

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