What i know about Backbone.js

while i’m searching Cutting edge technologies to learn the basic things about them. I found some good links, description, coding and tutorials. I’m posting my notes of backbone.js which i collected around the web. Sorry, if my notes doesn’t makes sense.

Backbone.js is basically an uber-light framework that allows you to structure your Javascript code in anMVC(Model, View, Controller) fashion where…

Model is part of your code that retrieves and populates the data,

View is the HTML representation of this model(views change as models change, etc)

and Controller that in this case allows you to save the state of your javascript application via a hashbang url, for example: http://twitter.com/#search?q=backbone.js

1.source: stack over flow question

2.Interesting presentation from heroku

3. Here is a set of great tutorials on using Backbone with Rails as the back-end:

CloudEdit: A Backbone.js Tutorial with Rails:



if you are an advanced learner of backbone.js. Share the resources links.