Supermetrics – A Step by Step guide from basic reporting to super advanced dashboard

super metrics

In this supermetrics article, We will cover easy and affordable Supermetrics – A Reporting Automation tool for every marketer and analyst that can make their job easier which cost less than USD100 per month. This sort of ready-made tool makes the data transformation easier in the Data automation process. So the list of contents we have in this article are

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Before 3 years, We used to download the CSV file from different advertising and analytics platforms and combine all those data into a single sheet on Excel using formulas like Sumif series, Countif series, Vlookup, etc. The purpose of combining those data was to find metrics in graph like CPA of overall signup, Cost per Session, Cost per add to cart overall, cost per transaction overall, etc. Also, one more important activity is monitoring budget pacing and adjusting the budget on advertising channels.

Those time were still good times as I was able to achieve the end result but it took lot of time when comparing the current solutions because tools like supermetrics make our job faster and easier with few buttons and it’s one-time implementation! It’s efficient. 

Marketing Analyst: Who crunches numbers from different channels and find KPI, insights and other data monitoring

Digital Performance Team: Who wants to monitor frequently the performance of his campaigns from different channel and budget monitoring

Creative Team: who wants to monitor the creatives from different channel under singlehood

Other team members who rely on data as well.


  1. The type of Supermetrics solution available for every marketer’s environment
  2. Important components of Supermetrics Google Sheet plugin
  3. Things to remember after you build the report using supermetrics
  4. How to build a simplified automated reporting dashboard in Google sheet?
  5. How to Combine multiple AdWords data into one Google sheet?
  6. How to combine multiple facebook ad accounts data into one Google sheet report?
  7. How to build a simple day to day automated budget tracking/pacing template on Google sheet?
  8. how to automate your data reporting of multiple paid channels into Google sheet (focus on AdWords, facebook , GA & Email) ?
  9. Some free templates to kickstart your automation in minutes.

The type of Supermetrics solution available for every marketer special environment

Every company and people have their own style of environment. Apart from my last 2 companies, the reporting interface we used heavily are Microsoft Excel. But in my recent times,  Excel has been used only for large scale data crunches. So for any simple and widely used reports on cloud are Google sheet as it allow to easily collaborate with peers. So you can use supermetrics according to your own environment.


For Google Sheet Users: they have Google sheet Addon to connect the data sources.

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Supermetrics - reporting dashboard

This plugin comes with free version and 30Days trial of premium version which you can get it from here > Supermetrics Google Sheet

For Microsoft Excel users: they have Excel Add on which can connect the data sources.

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For Google Data Studio: 

Supermetrics - dataStudioif you want to get the data directly into visualization tools, it offers data source connectors for Google Data Studio which allows the data to easily visualize with this connectors. This is a breakthrough creation as it reduces lot of big ETL(Extra, Tranform Load) process in Data Automation

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Important components of Supermetrics Google Sheet plugin

  1. 5 Tools available to combine multiple channel data
  2. Why should every data analyst use this 5 basic tools to automate?
  3. 5 chrome plugins for the data analyst
  4. Data Reporting automation guide for ecommerce companies



Blockspring vs Supermetrics

This article covers the Supermetrics vs blockspring another reporting automation tool which has similar features on making the reporting easy on Google Sheets. So if you are starting for the first time, give it a week to test both of this tool and compare the features and pricing, then choose whichever suits you (Am a fan of Supermetrics :P)

#GAtips: Automate Google Analytics Data Export

This article covers really from basic of just using Google Analytics Manual upload TO  Google Analytics plugin on Google Sheet TO Automating via Supermetrics. This is one of the good structured articles as people in a different situation can use the approach according to their need. Let me know if you need help with this. This article is an agency whom may be written for their employees, it looks detailed as well about implementing supermetrics.

This below article focus for E-Commerce companies with detailed steps and a free template to download

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If you still need just an introduction of supermetrics, this slide looks good enough as well