GMDH Shell – a forecasting software

Everyday our mind fickle, Up to me, won’t be in a state. In this challenging life, we try to prove our-self. As a college drop out, i soak my hands in every field to get a positive omen or a way to continue my life journey to prove myself. I too jump into Stock investing, started reading Buffet’s bites 🙂 to gain some knowledge. I hope his ideas are worth-full. OK! i stop here my personal story.

When was visiting National stock exchange, came to see this software GMDH Shell – a forecasting software. I didn’t get any awe experience. Just i feel sharing, If you know anything, teach me 🙂 o.0

Here is a about

GMDH Shell – a forecasting software that enables users of all types to easily and accurately forecast their data. It’s developed by Geos Research Group  – a privately held and self-funded company founded in 2009 with an idea to build the best forecasting software.

Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) is a state of the art predictive modeling technology with accuracy and reliability proven by over 40 years of scientific research.

Development of GMDH Shell led a number of modern approaches to software engineering and predictive data mining that make the software intelligent and fast. We encourage you to read the software documentation to get the best experience with GMDH Shell. Additionally, we will be happy to create a demo project with your own data for you

Data Visualization and Interactive Graphics

GMDH Shell features 12 built-in data visualization and data exploration options including statistics, line and bar charts, 3D scatter plots and surfaces. The program implements so-called in-memory visualization, all charts and graphics are interactive and all changes appear immediately after your input.

Easy-to-Use But Comprehensive Data Manager Tool

Our built-in data manipulation tool called Data Manager provides a simple point-and-click interface for selection of input and output variables, transformation of variables, processing of date and time, application of country-specific holiday calendars, transformations dedicated to time series analysis. You can set up GMDH Shell to extract, transform and load (ETL) your data to a specified file or set of files.

State of the Art Machine Learning and Data Mining Algorithms

There are two main algorithms available. Combinatorial GMDH algorithm that allows you to build simple optimally-complex predictive models without overfitting and GMDH-type neural networks (polynomial neural networks) that give you even more power because of self-tuning flexible architecture and optimally-complex model detection.
GMDH-type neural networks select the number of layers and relevant inputs automatically,
no data normalization is necessary and experimentation results do not vary when you run program with the same settings.

Pre-Configured Templates

4 preconfigured problem-specific templates solve time series tasks, perform classification, regression and curve fitting. All templates are already pre-configured for the best results, so you don’t have to adjust core algorithm settings while using templates.

Export of Models to Excel

Models and predictions you create could be easily exported to Excel where you can continue to use Excel environment to analyze results and score new data.