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About JK Baseer

There are 3 things he want to share on this about ‘JK Baseer’ page:

  • A big picture vision he has set for himself. #Vision
  • How life goals are set to achieve that purpose and vision #Strategies
  • What are all the things he have been executing to achieve that. #KPI

if you want to specifically know about his work/professional life, check his Linkedin. Else if you want tIf not continue below….

The bigger vision..

Aspire to be a responsible person who can help to EMPOWER people with right tools and informations to achieve their meaningful goals & purpose. He believe when people people are given accessibility to empower themselves, they will work on themselves without much dependance from others. This approach is scalable, self sustainable and give greater satisfactions to their life.


Achieving the vision..

Through Digital Skills

Use it valuably to the company and the teams

  1. Proactively identify the patterns to solve the business & team problems.
  2. Strategize growth through sustainable marketing. 
  3. Build automated data and marketing solutions saving time and cost.

Through Entreprenuership

A community driven and meaningful solutions

  1. Proactively think for ideas to solve people problems
  2. Strategize ideas into a reality via digital through minimal investments.
  3. Build platforms which are scalable and self sustainable.

Achievements so far..

As a Social Entrepreneur

We have build this below platforms which helps people finding better solutions for their problems(, accessibility to empower themselves through sharing economy( and a ethical media for community members ( We always looking for ways to help people..

As a Digital Professional

Through his IT expertise and deep digital experience. He has been helping dozens of well known E-Commerce and online companies across APAC on past 10years as a employee, consultant, trainer and advisor. His specialities are data driven digital marketing, data analytics, marketing technologies to name a few.


Currently employed under this fintech firm which allows people to trade traditional currencies and crypto currency. Helping them building marketing technology solutions and Data Automation

Ethis Ventures

A social enterprise builder. Being a volunteer based advisor and consultant on digital marketing and data consultant for last 2 years. Been training the team and growing together.

Training & Consultancy

Have trained more than 50+ people on his span of career. Been doing a freelance based marketing and analytics projects for more than dozens brands across APAC.

Recognition from his previous works..

"The first word that comes to my mind when I think about JK is "Energetic". I never saw him tired of anything since i knew him and that's almost 5 years. Anyone who speaks to him for more than 30 minutes can understand his level of curiousness and enthusiasm. He is so much into entrepreneurship that he has plethora of information about many innovative companies and their strategies of online, web and media presence. Every great leader have some similar traits and you can find some in JK too.

In short JK can be accounted as one from a very few people whom i met with a true spirit to achieve and fire in the belly to progress"
Rizvi Manzavalli
Rizvi Manzavalli
Entreprenuer, Product Design
"JK is an entrepreneurial and resourceful digital marketer who rapidly assimilates new information and technologies, delivers insightful analytics, and manages our vendors to deliver strong results.​"
chai lee
Chai Lee
GM, Reebonz Limited
"Jk is one of the very few individuals who has a rare mix of talent, attitude and passion. He shows unmatched dedication towards the works he takes. he is one of the most creative and innovative individuals I've ever had the pleasure to study with. He has all the traits of a good entrepreneur. He is always hungry for knowledge and is curious about learning new technologies and strategies.
His knowledge in all the fields will always surprise anyone who meets him."
Tabraiz log
Tabraiz Ali
Data Expert, Qubole
"JK is a results driven individual that will never pass on an opportunity to test a new tactic or initiative. The moment that he has a goal in mind, he'll draw up an experiment and work on the intricacies of how to carry out the test while tracking all critical data points. When a experiment pans out, he'll immediately find ways to iterate and scale. It's always exciting to work with JK as we always find new insights to leverage and new challenges to tackle."
Xiao Zhou
Director of Analytics, RJmetrics (owned by Magento)