20things i learned about the web and Browser

I should say a thank!!! to google chrome team to let know about the basics os magic in browser.

There are more matters are there to discuss like security, sharing, speed, super powers,etc.
Am gonna blog the thing which i dont want to forget
From first
1. [Cloud computing] We should be aware of the future in it bcause its the base which holds the web parts:)
2. [XHR] XMLHttpRequest, Which is a special function which implemented in the coding to get the frequent refreshing in that content without refreshing the whole web page
3. [WebGL and 3D CSS] the modern web technologies going to be used in web services to create cool effects in the webapps as well as in web apps.
4. [Html5, css3, fast java script] Modern browsers are going to be developed according to this coding for fast and reliable.
9. [Browser extensions] When it is introduced, there must a developer whoo should use lot of unusual programmin’ languages or heavy duty mainstream languages lile C++ to develop the application. Today most browsers lets developers write extensions in the basic, friendly prgm langs of de web: Html,javascript and css.
Example of extension (Using a scribble notes in the web pages, yu could have seen in holywood films like they will point out and draw some circles there to show specificaly)
11. [Browser cookies] thanx to cookies which save my texts, we always forgets!!!
Cookies save the information about what we are searching, typing, reading, blah blah in our browsers.
Cookies can be used in online advertising as well, to remember your interests n show related ads as yu surf the web.

What we have learned?

Leads To[Cloud computing n Web apps]

By [HTML, JavaScript n CSS as wel as browser plugin).

Cutting-edge web technologies [ HTML5, CSS3 N WebGL] bcause they ‘l help the web community imagine n create a future of great, innovative web apps.


So try tasks that you didn’t think could be done online- such as researching your ancestry back ten generations, or viewing a real-time webcame image from a climbing basecame in the himilayas. You might be surprised by what you find!

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